Paintless Dent Repair or PDR.

This relatively new method of dent removal as the title suggests means no “painting” to your car.

If you have a minor dent this can be removed relatively quickly using specialist tools, sometimes it can take as little as one hour, saving you time and money as opposed to bodyshop prices.

Q. How does it work?

A. In simple terms, high quality specialist tools are used, ranging from just 3″ to sometimes 50″ long, these pdr tools are then used to gain access to the dent.

Once the tool tip is behind the dent, the pdr tech will push the dent out using a proven method endorsed by insurance companies and bodyshops worldwide.

Q. If it’s that simple could I do it ?

A. No, it takes years to perfect this technique, usually the pdr tech will have spent many thousands of pounds on training and tools, and spent months/years practicing this art before coming to you.

Q. Will any of my paintwork be affected or even damaged?

A. Absolutely not. A professional pdr tech can remove your dent with no signs of the repair, the factory finish is not affected and that’s why insurance companies 100% endorse this technique.

QIf this process is so good and reliable why don’t all bodyshops use this technique?

A. Not all bodyshops have fully trained pdr technicians as its a relatively new technique, bodyshops are now catching on to this and training their staff up in this fine art.

Q. How much will it cost me to have a small dent on my car removed?

A. For us to call out to you expect to pay just £50.00 GBP.

Q. What sort of warranty/guarantee do you give?

A. We give a lifetime warranty on the repair.

While ever your car is on the road we warranty it against the dent ever coming back, once we repair it it’s gone for good GUARANTEED..!

Q. I have several cars that need dents removed, can I get a discount?

A. Yes. The more dents we remove the cheaper they get.

Q. When will the dent tech require payment ?

A. As soon as the dent is repaired to your satisfaction.


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